Posted 19 January 2017 at 16:16 by aleks82

Vendstar 3000 Repair Manual (Vending Machine Fixing)

Want to repair your Vendstar machines???

Wondering what to do with your broken machines?
Need your Vendstar machines to accept Canadian quarters?
Having trouble finding replacement parts for your vending machines?
Do you have one or more Vendstar machines sitting around idle because it has a missing or broken parts?

The Vendstar Repair Manual will help you solve all of these problems and much, much more.

The Vendstar Repair Manual will help you increase your profits!$!$!$!$!

The Vendstar Repair Manual contains detailed descriptions that are easy to follow and are supported by multiple images.

The Vendstar Repair Manual contains the following:

an actual size template for making your own parts
how to modify your vendstar machines to accept Canadian quarters
some suggestions on where to buy spare parts
a list of replacement parts that you can make or purchase locally
how to increase the machine’s sturdiness
specifications for replacements parts (locks, screws)
how to modify your machine to dispense in half-setting increments
how to clean your machines
how to remove old stickers and glue and paint
how to replace a lens
how to build your own custom lens for under $5
what your service pack should contain
tips on labels to use
how to track your vending revenues
how to service the machine

I have put together the Vendstar Repair Manual using my years of experience in the vending machine business in order to help others put their damaged machines back into circulation.
The Vendstar Repair Manual is a must for anyone who has a Vendstar machine;
it is loaded with repair and maintenance tips.
The information will be sent to you in email format
within 24 hrs after payment is received.

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