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SUZOHAPP Cube Coin Change Hopper MKII Pulse 12V 24V for Slot or Vending Machine

Coin pulse hopper SUZOHAPP Cube MKII.

Out signal is simple rectangular pulse ( aktive low lewel ) – 1 PULSE / 1 COIN.

 This MKII hoppers not universal, only for coins of a certain size. It depends from established on MKII replaceable parts – Payot Disk and Coin Adjust Plate. This model have Payot Disk #10-0240-4 – working with coins size is 22.10-25.59 mm and Coin Adjust Plate #10-0238-2thickness is 1.50-2.09 mm, example for Canada 25 cent. For other coins need buy other Payot Disk + Coin Adjust – its not problem, SUZOHAPP company have online magazine for this inexpensive parts.



Used, but absolutly refurbished – complete sorting out, plastic details brush carefully, elektronic board treatment in ultrasonic baths.


  • The Cube Hopper MK2 has been designed according to the highest standards for reliability and security in the Gaming, Vending and Amusement Industries. This hopper is constructed of extremely durable, wear-resistant plastic. As a single denomination hopper, it features high speed operation and expandable hopper capacity. The Cube Hopper MK2 has quickly built it’s reputation as the most successful hopper on the market today. It is used extensively throughout the world..  
  • Standard 450 coins capacity. 0.94″ D (ø24mm).  
  • Maximum 2 extensions up to 1.01″ (25.6 mm).  
  • Quick pay out speed: 400 coins per minute.  
  • Coins per second: ±7
    Coin size: 18.00mm – 31.00mm
    Coin thickness: 1.50mm – 3.20mm
    Min. time between coins: 100mS
    Min. time obstructs optics: 30mS
    Payout position: 4 sides
    Payout signal: Open collector-active low 25mA-35V.  
  • Coin size range 0.71″ – 1.22″ (18 – 31mm). Thickness 0.06″ / 0.126″ (1.5 / 3.2mm).  
  • Coin cup extensions available (optional) which will increase capacity up to an average of 400 coins per extension 0.94″ D (ø24mm)..  
  • Supplied complete with mounting bracket..  
  • Easily and quickly converts into different coinage.  
  • Low level cup sensing integrated into connector.  
  • Planetary gearbox system provides maximum torque with minimal power consumption (350 mA to 850 mA with a 2 Amp peak on 24VDC)..  
  • Standard operating voltages 12 or 24VDC..  
  • Duty cycle 2:1.  
  • Hopper is protected by auto reverse anti-jam..  
  • Integrated optical read-out sensor under platform. (Sensor cannot get dirty or be approached with any light source).

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